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Going The Extra Mile

Picture the profound impact of unlocking someone's potential for emotional well-being and personal growth. At Living Consciouslyy Foundation (LCF), we believe this journey is vital for a fulfilling life. Yet, financial constraints can often stand in the way of accessing the necessary tools and resources.

This is where your generosity shines.


By donating, you directly support our scholarship program, making LCF's life-changing programs accessible to all.


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Become a Catalyst for Transformation

How Your Support Drives Change

We are dedicated to using your donation wisely.

Most of your contribution goes directly towards funding scholarships.

From Your Hands to Real Change

Body Wisdom Found


"Feeling overwhelmed by stress, I participated in LCF's Trauma-Informed Somatics program thanks to a generous donation.  Learning to reconnect with my body helped me release pent-up tension and find a sense of calm. Now I feel more grounded and present in my daily life. I'm incredibly grateful to the donors who support LCF and make programs like this possible!"

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-Priya, 32

Together, let's create a world where healing and growth are accessible to all.


The Living Consciouslyy Foundation Team

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