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Unlimited Audience, One Place

Create and Sell Online Courses

Build, market, and sell digital courses directly to your audience

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How it Works

A one-stop shop that delivers your Online Courses across all platforms

Select a Plan and Sign up

Gat a Landing Page

Upload Videos

Upload Quizs

Publish Online

1 Year Subscription for INR 10,000 (regular price INR 15,000). Use code SIGNUP10

Built for Large


Smart Payments

Everything you need to grow your online business without hiring large teams or multiple tools

Easy setup

Set it up once, and you're good to go. 

Smart reporting

With our reporting tools, you can check and keep a track of your online sales without spending on a reporting tool

Sales tracking

Affordable plans


Yoga for Beginners

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Beautiful & Mobile Optimized Templates

Use our epic design presets for your course landing page

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