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Empowering Healing

Living Consciouslyy is dedicated to fostering a conscious community and promoting holistic healing. Our mission is to empower individuals by providing them.


We aim to create a supportive environment where everyone can achieve a healthy, fulfilling life.

Our Mission

Living Consciouslyy is a non-profit dedicated to bringing healing to everyone. We aim to create a conscious community and lead a movement for humanity to thrive and live fulfilling lives. Through our programs, we share knowledge and tools for accessing one's authentic self.


We provide emotional healthcare and opportunities for spiritual and personal growth, fostering authentic connections and exploring what it means to be fully human.


Our Vision

A conscious world where everyone thrives through Healing.

Our Story

Living Consciouslyy has started more like a movement. A movement for collective, where we all felt this urge to wake up to our authentic reality of who we are, and our ultimate potentials. It came to me more like a calling which wanted to reveal itself as I take an small actions. It is a path where I without consciouslyy knowing put into surrender effortlessly to the process unfolding in front of me. It was started as a very small reading group with a bunch of 5-6 girls, part of the group we started reading books on emotional health care, human consciousness, work of spiritual teachers, healers, practitioners around the world- a space was created where we could learn, discuss and reflect on the work of so many wisdom keepers who have so much to share with the world- such important messages, and later with our deep longing to share it with more people, and this took the shape of Circle of Wisdom program.  Parallelly on an academic front, I was also doing my research with children living in brothel homes, shelter homes, observation homes. What I witnessed during my research was lot of emotional traumas, betrayal, a huge disconnection from the core self. So, we thought if it bothers us this much why don't we do something. We thought we all have the power we must just realise to make a difference. This hope turns into Wholeness Program which aims at guiding young children and adolescents on identifying exploring self-love, self-care, learning strategies to dela with, and managing difficult emotions, Cultivating mindfulness, self-esteem, and reconnecting to their souls. When we find ourselves immersed in work that was not part of our plans but feels like destiny, there's a sense of being guided by an unseen force. It is like a gentle hand pointing us toward the next step, nudging us to form new programs and offering wisdom in subtle ways. Before I knew it, concepts like "Healing Modalities" and "Emotional Health's Importance" were suddenly clear to me, even though I had not consciously sought them out. I realized I was on a path I had not chosen, yet it felt right, as if I was meant to work on emotional healing in this lifetime. It is a realization that came to me effortlessly, as if it was always there waiting for me to notice. For those of us who have delved deep into intellectual and academic pursuits, we often find ourselves trapped in rational thinking, disconnected from the emotions and energies that lie beneath. This disconnection isn't just personal; it's woven into the fabric of our culture, passed down through generations. We're all entangled in a web of shared traumas, making it difficult to fully inhabit our bodies and embrace life on Earth. But within this collective pain lies the opportunity for healing. It's a journey that calls to me, urging me to delve into the depths of emotional healing, not just for myself but for all of humanity. It's a shared experience, woven into the very fabric of our existence, and it's time to mend the wounds that have plagued us for far too long. Following those hints we started forming different program, all trying to serve the same purpose to create a conscious world where healing is possible where talks on emotional trauma, emotional healthcare, what is happening in the world in an around us, can be fostered. We managed to create a space which facilitates our individual awakening- A community where there is acceptance, where there is a room for self-expression, unconditional self-regard for each other, where a hope to connect with your human and spiritual self-ignited again in a society that cuts us out of our essence, by idealizing individualism ignoring our emotional needs. We all need a safe space. There is an intelligence in creation, in nature and in people which if we ignore, we will create suffering for ourselves and others. Our task is to align with that intelligence and connection is really what we are trying to do with this movement “Living Consciouslyy” . Through programs like Monthly Soul Series. We got connected with likeminded people, spiritual teachers, healers around the world which are now we call as our guides. Through this work we are trying to make transformational and empowering healing tools, spiritual wisdom of the saints to be accessible to everyone. Then so many other programs following divine guidance were formed named Travel within bootcamp, Life Reflections, Deep Dive courses. Living Consciouslyy is an organisation inspired to ensure emotional healthcare, spiritual and personal growth opportunities for everyone. It is space for those who are walking on the path of heart, and want to expand their consciousness and awareness so as to connected with the abundance within and outside. In living consciouslyy community everyone is called as a co-traveller, as we all are collectively walking on our individual journeys. Note: When I use the word “We”, I am honouring the support I received from beautiful human beings who joined me very shortly on this journey.

Our Core Values

Human Dignity and Compassion

We honor the intrinsic worth of every individual, embracing them with empathy and respect. We transcend superficial labels to recognize and celebrate the humanity in everyone. 

Pursuit of Excellence

We commit to delivering the highest quality in all our endeavors, viewing setbacks as crucial learning experiences. Success and failure are not endpoints but opportunities for continuous improvement and growth. 

Unwavering Truth

We engage boldly and empathetically in honest dialogues, driving our personal growth, organizational advancement, and positive societal change. 

Sacred Reciprocity

We practice profound gratitude and mutual support, recognizing and honoring all that sustains us by sharing resources and fostering meaningful exchanges with our stakeholders.

Unconditional Love

We nurture and uplift everyone we interact with, from team members to community partners, with profound care and appreciation for their unique contributions and inherent dignity. 

Authentic Integrity

Guided by our core values, we act with genuine authenticity and moral clarity. We readily acknowledge our mistakes, seek to improve, and strive to be the most trusted brand in transformative change.

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Impact We Make

At Living Consciouslyy, we are dedicated to transforming lives and fostering a conscious community health, leading to more fulfilling lives.


We have created a supportive network where individuals uplift and inspire each other, fostering a sense of belonging and mutual growth. movement that helps humanity thrive and live healthy, fulfilling lives.

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